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The Celtic Album

Keith Lockhart
The Boston Pops The Celtic Album

Maybe you just have to have a few drops of Celtic blood in you to appreciate it, but I love this CD! Bagpipes are a good thing! The music on this CD is so great, from the highlights of Riverdance to Mendlssohn's The Hebrides. When I listen to it I can just picture the rolling highlands of Scotland or Ireland.

-John Lavoie

Where can I get it?

1. Scotland The Brave w/ The Boston Piper Society
2. Riverdance w/Eileen Ivers
3. O'Sullivan's March from Rob Roy
4. Main Title from Braveheart
5. Kighway to Kilkenny
6. Magh Seola (The Level Plain)
7. The Cat Rambles to the Child's Saucepan
8. The Hebrides Felix Mendelssohn
9. The Fair Day from An Irish Symphony
10. Planxty Burke
11. Loftus Jones
12-15 Four Scottish Dances
16. Itsbyne Reel