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Star Wars: A New Hope

Beethoven's 9th
Star Wars: A New Hope

This is a must have for any Star Wars fan. This is the special edition release, with extra music. It also inclused EVERY take of the main title, but they are not listed. They are found at the end of the last track on disc one, about five minutes into it.

-John Lavoie

Where can I get it?

Star Wars: A New Hope
Disc One:

1.20th Century Fox Fanfare
2. Main Title/ Rebel Blockade
3. Imperial Attack
4. The Dune Sea of Tattoine /Jawa Sandcrawler
5. The Moisture Farm
6. The Hologram/ Binary Sunset
7. Landspeeder Search/ Attack of the
Sand People
8. Tales of a Jedi Knight/ Learn About The Force
9. Burning Homestead
10. Mos Eisley Spaceport
11-12. Cantina Band
13. Binary Sunset (Alternate)

Disc Two:

1. Princess Leia's Theme
2. The Millennium Falcon/ Imperial Cruiser Pursuit
3. Destruciton of Alderaan
4. The Death Star/ The
5. Wookiee Prisoner/ Detention Block Ambush
6. Shootout in the Cell Bay/ Dianoga
7. The Trach Compactor
8. The Tractor Beam/ Chasm Crossfire
9. Ben Kenobi's Death/ Tie Fighter Attack
10. The Battle of Yavin (Launch from the fourth moon/ x-wings draw fire/ use the force)
11. The Throne Room/ End Title