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My Lessons

I don't know how often this will be updated, but I'll try to do it as often as possible.

This section is to shame me into practicing more...

Learn new warm up. Start Rochut #2 and we were warned about knowing all of our pattern scales.

No Lesson.

He really leaned into me on my intonation. I know it's not that great so I guess it's time for a good kick in the butt.

Fred didn't make such a big deal about my intonation this week. He got me on my pattern scales though. Also started Rochut down the octave.

He leaned into me on intonation again. It's a lot better than when I started with him, but it's still not good enough!

Same as last week... I can get the needle on the tuner to about ten degrees off or better consistently, but I still get stopped every other note.

Well he wasn't as demanding as last week, but it's what he didn't say that got me upset. How am I ever going to get into this school as a music major if I can't even play in tune, let alone pattern scales and other technical stuff?
He said that I haven't progressed as much as he would have liked this semester, but I know that I have progressed a lot. The only notes that I continually have trouble getting in tune are F and C with the second trigger, and they are only off by millimeters...

No lesson. Spring Break!

Well, it went a lot better today. He did stress the same stuff, but it wasn't as harsh this week. I acutally got to do a different Rochut exercise! Maybe it's just because he's recovering from the flu...

Worked on another Rochut this week. He made me feel bad that I can't do all of my pattern scales. I know all of the flats fairly well, but he never asks me to do those... He's also starting to get to the somewhat finer points, such as phrasing and getting rid of that crap between some notes.

I'm feeling much better about my playing now. Fred has stopped laying into me quite so much on intonation and I'm finally feeling a sense of accomplishment when I play for him. I was able to make it through a whole lesson without wanting to go hide in the corner!

Well this lesson was no different than any others. S.O.S.

Fred got hurt. I'm told he broke a couple of ribs. I don't know much more, but I hope he gets better soon.

Not a particularly good lesson. I wasn't playing well, and Fred was sort of cranky. I'll go practice my butt off, because juries are in two weeks.

This was a make-up lesson from last week. I did much better than Tuesday. Intonation, rhythm and articulation, which he was slamming me for last time, were much better. My sound sucked though...