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Rules for visiting the Trombone Shrine

  1. This site is meant for recreational purposes. Do not take everything seriously and at face value.
  2. The terms "God," "Worship," and any other term that may be associated with religion is NOT. I neither promote nor discourage any religion. Each person is entitled to their freedoms, and I am not commenting or making any religious statements.
  3. A "Shrine" is a place for learning and enlightenment. Because it is often associated with religion, I loosely do the same. Loosely.
  4. If you disagree with any of the values that I present here, you are entitled to that. If you feel that it offends you, I appologize now. If you have any suggestions that may allow me to present my site and at the same time being more "acceptable" then please email me, and tell me how I can improve my site. The last thing I want to do is have people not come to my site just because of the way that I choose to present the information.