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Personal Trombone Homepages

Joe Alessi
He is principal in the New York Philharmonic. He also teaches at Julliard. Joe Alessi is one of the greatest tenor players in the world. The ITA just released a FREE CD to all members featuring Joe, and he donated all of the time and skill. What a guy!

Nick Eastop's F-Bass Trombone Page

This is the place to oogle over all of the HUGE trombones. There are pictures of historic and new bass and contrabass trombones. Definitely worth a stop by.
The EHS Blue Machine Marching Band
The homepage for the EHS band in South Carolina. Check it out.

Robin Eubanks

One of the best Jazz trombonists alive. He is currently the Jazz Professor at the Oberlin School of Music. His more famous brother is Kevin Eubanks of the Tonight Show. Robin is known to my friends and I as "Him," but that's a long story. He has worked with such greats as J.J. Johnson, Slide Hampton and Steve Turre, just to name a few. He was amazing at the '99 Eastern Trombone Workshop.

Mike's Practice Room

It's a little ecclectic, but it's still about Trombones. Mike is a frelancer in the Portland area. His site has a 3D picture of a trombone. Very cool.

Stacy Werblin

What a page! She doesn't call this her "Kickass" page for nothng. She's got interesting stuff like audition lists from past pro auditions, histories of orchestral low brass sections, and a price comparison chart of many trombone books.

Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams is a jazz trombonist in the New York City area. He has played a lot with Slide Hampton. His site is brand new. He's got a nice look and feel. Hopefully he'll be fleshing it out with some more content in the future. He is currently looking for students, so if you're in the area, check out his page.

Douglas Yeo

Doug is one of the greatest Bass Trombonists in the world. He is currently playing with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and is the Trombone Professor at the New England Conservatory of Music. His site in one of the best Trombone Sites out there. There is a lot of information on just about everything.

Trombone Pages

The Bass Trombone Shrine
The Bass Trombone Shrine is maintained by a student at UMASS Amherst. It's a nice site with info on what instruments the pros play, and some detailed info on Thayer valves.

The Trombone FAQ

Maintained by Antoine Brusseau, this site is a one stop site for information about the trombone. Most of this information is taken from conversations on the Trombone-L and neatly compiled.

The Trombone Homepage

This page was put up by Eric Nicklas, the owner of the Trombone-L. He used to have a HUGE links section, but it dissappeared...

Trombone Organizations

The Online Trombone Journal
The OJT is a great site. They have a really big directory of trombonists from all over the world. They publish articles and interviews about famous trombonists. A site definitely worth spending some time on.

The Trombonist Online

A site maintained by the Brittish Trombone Society. A lot of good information and articles.

Trombone Manufacturers

Made by L.A. Sax, these are really student to intermediate horns. They are available in any finish you can imagine though...


Selmer makes several different levels of horns. Student models are Bundys, intermediate Bach, and the pro horns are Bach Stradivarious. The Strads are great horns, but Bach quality control isn't what it used to be. If you're going to buy one, make sure you play it first.


Owned by Getzen, Edwards makes one of the top horns available. They are the legal patent holders for the Thayer valve.


Not one of the largest manufacturers, but this European company is one of the best. They make trombones from alto all the way down to contra-bass.


Steve Shires is probably the best trombone maker out there. He will make absolutely anything you want, for a price. Be prepared to wait a while though.


These guys are like Lätzsch. Not well known, but pretty darn good. They don't make a contra, but they do make soprano, and sopranino trombones. These small horns are good for showing up trumpet players.


Makers of Conn, King and benge trombones. The old horns, especially Conns make in Elhart (not to be confused with Elkhardt are really good, but in the 80's the quality went way down. They are getting better though.


They make wonderful horns, but they don't offer as many options as Shires and Edwards. I love my Yamaha.

Online Music Stores

They've got just about everything, but they are a little expensive.


Definitely the best catalog for Trombone players. Hickey's has anything you could want, and more. Talk to Chuck, he'll hook you up.

Osmun Music

Osmun's has quite a bit too. They have quite a few horns in stock, if you want to visit the store. Great repairs, and fast service.
Miscelaneous Pages

Zellmer Competition
Trombone competition/scholarship run by the Minnesota Orchestra. $5,000 is a lot of money!
Sheet Music Plus
They claim to have the largest selection of sheet music in the world. Decide for yourself. You can search for titles below.
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